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Alberta Cooperative Energy (ACE)
Variable Rate


Customer type: Home
Pricing type: Variable rate
Contract length: No Term


  • Incentives and Bonuses
Cooling off period 10 days to cancel without cost or penalty.
Eligibility Criteria Annual consumption of less than 2,500 GJ. Subject to a credit check. Deposit may be required based on your credit history. For full terms and conditions please visit:
Terms and Conditions For full terms and conditions please visit:
Pricing Changes A volume-weighted average flow-through of the daily spot market price for the purchase of natural gas by ACE from the Supplier plus a retail transaction fee. Your Variable natural gas rate will change from month to month.
Green Plan Description Not applicable
Incentives and Bonuses We offer a referral program for our customers and members. If you recommend ACE to a customer and they enrol their services with us, we will provide you with a $25 referral fee. The fee will be presented on our monthly invoice as a credit. If you choose to be a member of our organization, you have the potential to receive dividend payments and you can choose to exercise your democratic rights by participating in our annual general meeting. For each additional site added to your account, they qualify for a reduced monthly administration fee, $3.00.
Early Exit Fee Not applicable