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DGN Power
Discount Gas Rate ($0.69/GJ Fee) + Prudential


Customer type: Home
Pricing type: Variable rate
Contract length: No Term


Cooling off period 10 days to cancel without cost or penalty.
Eligibility Criteria Subject to credit check. Prudential may be required. Prudential required based on yearly historical consumption.
Terms and Conditions Payment by Pre-Authorized Debit only. Customers must have e-mail and agree to accept electronic monthly invoices. Agreements may be cancelled with only 10 business days written notice, without additional fee and/or penalty. Prudential is returned in full at expiry of agreement. Funds held will earn five percent interest per annum, paid to the customer as a monthly credit deducted from their bill.
Pricing Changes Prices are based on the monthly Alberta Market Prices listed on Rate for Administration Fee and Transaction Fee guaranteed until December 2019.
Green Plan Description Not applicable
Incentives and Bonuses Not applicable
Early Exit Fee Not applicable