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Alberta Cooperative Energy (ACE)
Floating Rate


Customer type: Home
Pricing type: Variable rate
Contract length: No Term


    Cooling off period 10 days to cancel without cost or penalty.
    Eligibility Criteria To qualify for this floating rate, the electricity usage for the site must be less than 15,000 MWh per year.
    Terms and Conditions 1) Floating Price is based on the monthly average of AESO Spot for electricity plus applicable transaction fees. 2) You may cancel this contract without cost or penalty within 10 days after a copy of the marketing contract, signed by the consumer, is received by the marketer. 3) In order to process the contract, a credit check will be performed for the purposes of obtaining a credit score; the credit check will be conducted by Alberta Utility Billing Inc. as agent of Alberta Cooperative Energy. 4) You may cancel this Contract at any time without cost or penalty unless the Product selected indicates an Early Exit Fee is applicable. 5) Late Payment Charge: If you pay your bill after the due date set out in your bill, you will be required to pay a late payment charge of 2.0% per month (26% per annum) on any amounts outstanding after the payment due date. Disclaimer: The actual rate will vary according to customer profile class, load, time of day, etc.
    Pricing Changes Not applicable
    Green Plan Description Not applicable
    Incentives and Bonuses Not applicable
    Early Exit Fee Not applicable