Making your home or business more energy efficient can potentially save significant money on utilities bills. Whether it’s upgrading an existing property or building a new home or business, there are a lot of options to decrease electricity and natural gas usage and cut your monthly costs. 

Energy efficiency savings can be found in big and small changes. It can be as simple as changing your lights to LED light bulbs or something as major as replacing inefficient equipment in your home or business. There are do-it-yourself options, and other changes that require professionals. To help you navigate these options, the UCA pulled together some resources available in Alberta. 

Consumers can access a number of programs to make their properties more energy efficient – including simple upgrades, energy audits, home retrofits, and installing solar panels to generate your own energy.  

These programs are available from different levels of government, social agencies and other organizations supporting consumers in decreasing their emissions, and can be offered as grants, loans, or low-cost/no-cost in-home installations. 

Municipal Government Programs

Federal Government Programs

Other energy efficiency programs available in Alberta