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UCA Services Poster

How we can help Alberta utility consumers. PDF file 8.5' X 11', 8 MB

Glossary: Retailer

Definition of Retailer. Video length 0:28.

Glossary: Regulated Rate Option Provider

Definition of Regulated Rate Option provider. Video length 0:27.

Glossary: Competitive Energy Provider

Definition of Competitive energy provider. Video length 0:28.

Glossary: Retail Charge

Definition of Retail charge. Video length 0:32.

Back-to-school Utilities Checklist

Helpful tips for students to set up utilities in the new homes. Video length 0:55.

Glossary: Distributor

Definition of Distributor. Video length 0:26.

Glossary: Utility Rate

Definition of Utility rate. Video length 0:29.

Utility Choice Card

Setting up utilities in Alberta? You have a choice!

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Moving Card

Moving? Use our checklist to set up your utilities.

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Micro-Generation Types Infographic

Micro-generation uses renewable and alternative energy sources like solar, wind, biomass, hydro, or fuel cells.

Understanding Your Bill Card

Questions about your utility bill? We can help!

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Cost Comparison Tool Card

Use our easy Cost Comparison Tool to find out which retailer is best for you.

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About the UCA Brochure

Our mission is to make your an informed energy consumer.

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Webinar Session

Webinars are not available at this time.

Understanding Your Bill Video

Understanding your utility bill is an important step in becoming an informed energy consumer.

Cost Comparison Tool Poster

Did you know you can choose your utility provider? Use our Cost Comparison Tool. PDF file 8.5' X 11', 946 KB