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Peace Power
Wholesale Floating Natural Gas + 89¢/GJ


Customer type: Home
Pricing type: Variable rate
Contract length: No Term


    Cooling off period 10 days to cancel without cost or penalty.
    Eligibility Criteria All applicants are subject to a credit check. Depending on your credit score you may be asked for a Security Deposit. Corporations will need to provide proof of their incorporated business entity.
    Terms and Conditions Please visit for complete Terms and Conditions. Pre-authorized debit and credit card preferred. Agreements may be cancelled with only 10 business days written notice, without additional fee and/or penalty.
    Pricing Changes Wholesale price plus $0.89/GJ. Wholesale prices for natural gas are based on the monthly Alberta Market Prices listed on
    Green Plan Description Not applicable
    Incentives and Bonuses Not applicable
    Early Exit Fee Not applicable